Dr Cetlix Pharma Pvt.Ltd.

Encouraging Healthy Human Life ‘Dr.CetlixPharma’, our name, truly defines our purpose of existence. It means ‘A sparkling expression of joy, empowered by the cosmic energy of the Doctor’.
We are a healthcare group working towards prevention, management and optimum health promotion through evidence-based Nutraceuticals, we began our journey in 2023 with a mission to offer a new dimension to human healthcare. Our intention is to alleviate disease and suffering in an effective and the safest possible manner.
We thoroughly believe that by Procuring the right product choices, human healthcare could evolve to be much specific, effective and safer. To offer the choicest of such products, this also involves gathering and reviewing their clinical evidences, or generating more data through further clinical developments. What we eventually come up with are products that are highly effective, extremely safe and are backed by deep scientific research. As these products are nature-derived, they are easily accepted by the body too.
Over time, we’ve graduated to innovating and offering a vast, specialized range of products from nutraceutical for prevention, management and wellness.